Saturday, 22 September 2012

Reserve a page in the Freed Book

We're off to a good start with the Freed Book project, submissions are steadily coming in. If you'd like to get involved then send in a 'one-page' story to

Make sure your image (or text or a mix) is -
A5 in size,
300dpi in resolution
either a jpeg or pdf,
Black & White (inc. Grey/half tones)

If you have a brilliant idea for a story/narrative but are worried that we'll close submissions before you've had the chance to finish.....then...drop me an email and I'll reserve you a page.

Here's Mark Lomax's page called 'road trip' and these shots were taken on a journey from Inverness to Felixstowe in July 2012.
View more of his photographic work at -
On the 24th November we'll be releasing copies of the Freed Book into the Books For London network. Its a great network of bookswapping libraries and always on the look out for volunteers, so why not get in touch with them. Follow the link (right). Their support of this project has been a tremendous boon.

"FreedBook is exactly in line with why I started the Books for London campaign, bringing people all across London new things to read and giving budding authors and artists a chance to showcase their wares".
Chris Gilson (Books For London)

Get in touch and be involved,

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