Enfield Chase

Raynes Park

One small step for artists, one giant leap for FreedBook!
Yesterday (24/11/2012) an intrepid band of artists reached all 4 corners of  London's transport compass. Over 80 miles was traversed on foot, buses, trains and a tram, where we delivered 7 freedbooks into the Books For London libraries.
The 6 hours zipped-by in a frantic and fun journey with plenty of chatting and swappping ideas.
We started at Acton Central where myself, Natalie, Effie and Jess met Robert Good, Peter S Smith, Dean Reddick, Chris Gilson and the local Bookswap rep Sara Nathan.
We picked up Ella Penn at Ealing Broadway and Books For London founder Chris Gilson gave us an inspirational Henry V style speech on the bridge at West Ealing before retreating to his HQ.
Heading towards Enfield Chase we picked up Melanie Ezra and Dan Leek at Kings Cross. After finding a suitable phonebox to release FreedBook No.3 our number swelled with the arrival of Sonia Jarema.
A few peeled off in Central London as we headed east to Charlton (pic above), but we we're bolstered by Stephanie Wilkinson and Stuart Simler and several hundred fans on the their way to the Charlton vs Hudddersfield match.
Next to the boundary of our Travelcard's reach at Coulsdon South where we found that the Bookswap shelf had disappeared. The station manager helped us and we found a suitable coffe table in the waiting area to launch book No.5.
On the last lap we reached Wimbledon station by tram and rendezvoused with Chris Gilson once again and then a short hop to Raynes Park where we delivered our final FreedBook of the day.
After 6 hours of travelling we gratefully returned home to wine and tea, with a special space in our hearts for London's Transport system and its employees who never let us down! Every train on time!
Meet 10am Acton Central Station
Release a Freedbook
10.16 - 207 or 607 Bus to Ealing Broadway
10.41 - Ealing Broadway
10.43 - West Ealing Station
Release a FreeBook
10.56 - Train to Paddington
11.17 - Underground to Kings Cross
11.56 - King's Cross to Enfield Chase
12.19 - Enfield Chase Station
Release a FreeBook
12.30 - Train from Enfield Chase to Kings Cross
13.05 - Underground from Kings Cross St Pancras to London Br
13.31 - London Bridge to Charlton
13.46 - Charlton Station
Release a FreeBook
14.05 - Charlton to London Bridge
14.33 - London Bridge to Coulsdon South
15.00 - Coulsdon South Station
Release a FreeBook
15.16 - Train from Coulsdon South to East Croydon
15.34 - Tram East Croydon Tramlink stop to Wimbledon
16.02 - Wimbledon
Release a FreeBook
16.13 - Wimbledon to Raynes Park
16.15 - Raynes Park Station
Release final FreeBook

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