Freed Book has evolved from the Magnet exhibition organised over the past 3 years by collectconnect artists featuring 1000 artists and over 3000 magnet artworks. History here

10 years ago, along with my family, we took back publishers Sampson Low into family control. It was our intention to start publishing and supporting artists and authors again. Last year I published prints/posters from an art residency at jazz venue The Bull's Head. Sampson Low History
This will be our first book.

Narrative has played a major part in several projects that I'm now undertaking. The 'Murder Minutes' films made with Bill Mudge and Max Luthert have been screening at Festivals across Europe and shortlisted for awards. I'm currently Artist-In-Residence at Folk music venue TwickFolk. This backbone of this genre of music is storytelling and narrative.
 Murder Minutes website
Twickfolk Residency

Hopefully this gives you a bit of background about where I'm coming from. My main website is www.albanlow.com. I enjoy working with you and other artists, I think we've made positive strides in bridging the gap between us and our 'public'. This I hope will be an extension of what we've been doing with the magnets and give us a valuable resource and experience for future publications.
To submit, visit the page here or on the collectconnect website.

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