Monday, 10 September 2012

Freed Book to be published

***10 spaces left*** (21/09/2012 at 8:13)

The CollectConnect artists are going to publish their first book this Autumn. Be a part of it by entering a 'One-Page Story'. This could be a picture or series of images, a cartoon strip, words & image, word based or a photo that tells a story.

Collect Connect is a  collective of artists, exhibiting their work in public. More information about them, their ideals and how to submit a story visit the collectconnect website -

The Book will contain 68 black and white Stories/Narratives from 50 artists. The front of the book will have a page which artists and readers can sign and then release into the wild. Hopefully we'll be able to track these books as they change hands. 100 copies of the book will be printed.
Find out who is featured in the book and what their story is about in the Index page.

To kick-off the book and exhibit its content we'll be visiting all the Libraries in the London Bookswap Network, leaving a FreedBook at each and swapping for a novel perhaps. As we leave a Freed Book we'll all sign it and let someone pick it up for Free.

I've written some background on this project in the WHY page to the right.

40 of the books will be retained and sold by the publishers Sampson Low Ltd to fund the project.
To buy a copy for £4.99 visit Sampson Low Ltd or get in touch with us at CollectConnect by emailing
A Free copy will be given to all artists and authors who contribute work.


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