Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mike Watts & Sue LeCren - Christchurch Specials

Sue LeCren and Mike Watts with
Freedbook and Patternotion
Two for the price of one!

Both the books and the lovers of art, culture and  'Duke Special' that are holding them here.

A big welcome to the fold for New Zealand's 'Sue the Librarian' and hope you enjoy the FreedBook. Don't let your food get cold either, looks delicious.
Keep in touch with Sue on Twitter at @LiSu and as she says herself, 

"I'm an escape artist for a living... I live to escape... well OK, I'm a librarian. Same thing"

Well you couldn't find a book closer to your ideology, here's the Harry Houdini of publications, a true literary escapologist.

If any of you don't know the distinguished gentleman pictured here then let me introduce you to Mike Watts, who is both a stem cell aficionado at UCH and photographer on London's live music circuit. As well as bumping into one another in live music venues he recently accompanied us on all 10 miles of our Patternotion Blue Plaque walk across North London.

It seems he has got itchy feet once again and has travelled a little further than those 10 miles of Patternotion. Have a good time in New Zealand and keep taking those photos, we love them.

Mike Watts is @DrFizzy if you want to keep abreast of his adventures in your Twitter walking boots.


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