Thursday, 1 November 2012

FreedBook arrived - Monika Fischbein & Gwen Black

100 copies of the Freedbook have arrived from the printers. I'm currently getting together the prices for Postage & Packing. Then I'll set up pages on this site and Sampson Low Ltd's website so people can buy it.
Early next week we'll be in a position to start sending the 50+ artists their copies.
You'll notice there's a coffee mug in the photo. We've got mugs, t-shirts, diaries, keyrings, decals and cotton bags to give away to anyone who joins us on our marathon book launch on the 24th November. We'll be travelling around all 7 bookswapping libraries in the Books For London network. More details on the Released Books page (right).

Tom Yocum from YoYo Communications is currently working on our Press Pack.

The pages here are from Monika Fischbein and Gwen Black

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